Freezone Volleyball Club


Freezone Volleyball Club Inc. aims to develop a volleyball league to cater for the physical fitness, social and team participation needs of the Sydney gay and lesbian population. We rely on your honesty and participation in training, tournament, and social events to keep our vibrant organization growing.

Freezone provides a gay and lesbian friendly environment to meet people in a sports setting, not a pub, bar, sex or dance club. Recreational players are encouraged to maintain fitness whilst having fun playing a game they enjoy.Tournaments during key gay and lesbian festivals provides access to sporting participation for visitors and locals alike. Tournaments and organised teams do participate at a higher level in local Sydney competitions and during key LGBTQI+ festivals within Sydney and also insterstate (Melbourne Summer & Winter Slams, Adelaide Feast) & overseas at Gay Games every four years.

Links to interstate associations and clubs provides access to play interstate tournaments throughout the year. Sexual preference should not be a barrier to sporting participation in any level at any time.


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