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New Players - Volleyball Skills

Freezone aims to provide a high level of instruction at little cost to it's members if possible. Links here are to provide you with access to resources to improve your game and skills.

Volleyball New Players Training Basics a basic reference to terms, positions on court and serve/receive line ups and where to stand in defence.

>> Watch these videos first  <<

Basic serve and receive court positions explained.

Volleyball Rules for beginners.

YouTube videos from Al Scates:

  1. Systems of Play
  2. Rapid Fire Blocking
  3. Advanced Training Systems
  4. Slide Set
  5. Advanced Serving: Jump Serve (USA Olympian)
  6. Floating Serve

YouTube Basic Skills

  1. Basic Setting (USA Olympian)
  2. Basic Overhead Serving (Updated)
  3. Basic Serving tips
  4. Basic underhand Serving (Updated)
  5. Dig or Pass the Ball (USA Olympian)
  6. Attack & Spiking Fundamentals (USA Olympian)
  7. Basic Blocking (USA Olympian)
  8. Diving (barrel roll)
  9. Roll Shot - Attack (USA Olympian)
  10. Spiking Action

Volleyball Rules.

  1. Most recent rule changes - Blocking, Centre Line, Rotations
  2. Volleyball Rules for beginners.

YouTube Volleyball Clips

  1. Spiking


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