Freezone Volleyball Club

Code of Conduct

Volleyball NSW

Conditions of Membership


In applying for Membership with VNSW, the individual is acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  1. The member will be a member of their Club (where appropriate), VNSW & VA
  2. All membership, regardless of when first started, will expire on March 31 annually. 
  3. All members are required to register through a VNSW Affiliated Club.
    1. How to find a club click here
    2. VNSW reserves the right to allow membership directly to VNSW for some programs & events.
  4. By joining a VNSW Affiliate, you are automatically joining VNSW. You agree to comply with the rules, regulations, by-laws, and safeguards to ensure that every member has a safe and inclusive environment to participate.
    1. VNSW reserves the right to cancel any membership for failure to comply.
  5. Except where provided or required by law and such cannot be excluded, an individual agrees that it is a term of membership (if accepted) that VNSW and VA are absolved from all liability arising from injury or damage however caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of membership and/or participation in any VNSW and VA Activity.
  6. In consideration of VNSW and VA accepting an application for membership, the individual:
    1. release and forever discharge VNSW and VA from all claims that they may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with membership and/or participation in any VNSW and VA Activity; and
    2. indemnify and hold harmless VNSW and VA to the extent permitted by law in respect of any claim by any Person including but not only another Member or Affiliate of VNSW and VA arising as a result of or in connection with membership and/or participation in any VNSW and VA Activity.
  7. The member declares that they are and must continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in any VNSW and VA Activity. They are not and must not be a danger to themselves or the health and safety of others. They will immediately notify VNSW and VA in writing of any change to their fitness and ability to participate. They understand and accept that VNSW and VA will continue to rely upon this declaration as evidence of my fitness and ability to participate.
  8. An individual warrants that all information they provide to VNSW and VA is true and correct.
  9. An individual understands that the information they provided is necessary for the objectives of VNSW and VA and acknowledges and agrees that the information will be disclosed by VNSW and VA will only be used for the objects of VNSW and VA general business and to provide membership services. Individuals understand that they will be able to access their information through VNSW. The individual understands that VNSW and VA may also collect, use, and exchange my information in other ways as permitted by law.
  10. An individual acknowledges and consents to photographs being taken of me during my participation in VNSW and VA Activities and acknowledges that the photographs are owned by VNSW and VA and that they may use the photographs for promotional or other purposes without my further consent being obtained. Further, an individual consents to VNSW and VA using their name, image, likeness and also performance in VNSW and VA Activities, at any time, to promote the Activities by any form of media.
  11. The VNSW Board maintains the right to reject an application or revoke membership at any time.


Volleyball can be inherently dangerous. Serious accidents can happen, resulting in a person being injured or even killed. By applying to be a member, the individual agrees they have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in Volleyball.

By applying for membership of VNSW, an individual agrees that they have read, understood, and acknowledged the above.  They acknowledge that if the membership application is successful, they will be entitled to all benefits, advantages, privileges, and services of VNSW and VA membership to the level they have applied for and purchased. As a registered member of VNSW and VA, they will undertake at all times to represent themselves in a way that will not bring them, VNSW, VA or the sport of Volleyball as a whole into disrepute. They accept that failure to abide by this determination could lead to sanction by one or more aforementioned bodies.

Freezone Volleyball Club


Freezone Volleyball Club Inc (Freezone) provides a safe and friendly environment for the LGBTIQ community and their friends and allies to learn, develop and play volleyball. I understand that the primary focus of the club is outlined in the Freezone Constitution, as posted on the Freezone website which focuses on participation, inclusion and personal best.

I will welcome other new players and assist the development of their skills and include them in teams and social events. I will abide by the policies which guide and govern the club, its teams and its members. Refer: www.freezonevolleyball.club/about/policies/ 

I will ensure the safety of the playing court and support a safe playing environment. I will assist with setting up and packing down of nets and equipment when asked to help. 

I will commit to always conducting myself with an attitude that encourages participation by all, with sportsmanship and teamwork. I understand that the coaches or venue supervisor / tournament manager make their decisions in the best interest of the club and they have the right to make the final decision on all playing time. I will support their decision & If I am concerned about playing time and skill development, I will communicate directly with a committee member or club appointed official.

When playing in a team, I will commit to practice for tournaments and work towards my team’s development and success. I aim to always be courteous and respectful to all coaches, teammates, competitors, referees, and take care of  the facilities I am playing in. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and be a positive role model for other players.

It is Freezone's aim to demonstrate good will and tolerance to all players, and therefore provide an avenue for all players to be themselves as proud members and/or allies of our community. I will not use any inappropriate language, statements or gestures towards other players or teams at any time while representing or playing with Freezone. Calling out inappropriate behaviours and language is important & Freezone does not tolerate any form of discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia or bullying and harassment. Supporting LGBTQI+ athletes is as simple as saying ‘we don’t do that here’.

I understand that disciplinary action may be taken by the Committee of Freezone for breaches of the players’ code of conduct or the Freezone Constitution. This policy and the Grievance Resolution Policy are available on the Freezone Website for your education and understanding.


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