Freezone Volleyball Club

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits:

  • Discounted rate for Social Sunday and Warrior Wednesday sessions.
    • Sunday - $15.00 for members, $23.00 for non-members. 
    • Wednesday - $10.00 for members, $15.50 for non-members.
  • Priority access to:
    • Joining Warrior Wednesday sessions (Intermediate skill level required).
    • Team registration for FZ hosted tournaments: Spring Fling (Sept) and Mardi Gras (March).
  • An annual membership gift, subjected to change based on stock availability. Some examples of previous years gifts can be found below.
  • A free ticket to Freezone Christmas event in December with food & drinks supplied.
  • Other special events or deals throughout the year. 

Membership gifts from previous years:

Club shirt

Club shorts

Club shirt 

Drink bottle



Method skin care pack
Membership year
2020 - 2021 



Club shirt
Membership year
2022 - 2023


Training Towel




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