Freezone Volleyball Club

Warrior Wednesday - Indoor Volleyball Waitlist

Event information

Registrations for this event are closed.

This is only a waitlist, NOT the event registration.

We will contact you via SMS if we are able to secure a spot for you, please DO NOT ATTEND the event unless you get the confirmation. 

Please note that:

  • Players can update their RSVP by themselves, we will not get a notification when this happens. You should always keep an eye on the event availability yourself even if you had registered for the waitlist. 
  • As players' cancelation is not in our control, it can happen the day before or ten minutes before the event. Therefore we can't really give you an exact time frame for the confirmation. 

'Notify me before'

  • We understand you need enough time to get ready and get to the venue, this helps us to decide whether we should still try to contact you about the last minute spots. 
  • Our Wednesday session starts with a warm up session, which usually runs until 19:30, you can factor this in for your 'notify me before' 


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