Freezone Volleyball Club

Spring Fling Tournament Information.

Teams with Duty at 845am; Deez Netz, Soju, Shawty Squad, Noodle Friends. 

Teams with Duty at 930am; Misfits, Alliance, Acers, Matadoras, UNSW Girlies

Some teams will have a duty BEFORE they play, so please make sure to check the Playing schedule, and then the Referees schedule.

All games will be  10 mins warmup / change over & 40 mins gameplay, to the best of 3 sets to 25 / 25 / 15. 

Tournament rules are available to download here.  https://www.tournifyapp.com/live/fzspringfling2023

There will be a prize for best team costume, judged on theme, originality and color.

There are a few extra rules in place this time to keep everyone as Covid safe as possible while playing; 

  • BYO whistles, or use your own hand whistles. 
  • Match balls will be supplied for each court, & please sanitise or clean them as required after each game or match. 

Here are some details for Sunday;  

  • Doors will open at 815am – first games start at 845am. 
  • Teams will need to supply their own whistles for duty, and ALL teams will have at least 1 or 2 duty games in the morning and at least 1 duty in the afternoon. PLEASE check the referees schedule carefully, filtered by Team name to see your team. 
  • Match Balls will be supplied to each court – do NOT lose these and please keep them on the score desk after your game ends. 
  • There is a café on site, but there should be no food or drink (apart from drink bottles) on the courts please. 
  • The schedule can be filtered by Team name, Division and Referees - plus you can subscribe to the game schedule and have it pushed to your phone automatically. Be sure to let your team members know about this feature so they can stay updated. 
  • Most teams will have Duty on the same Division/Courts they are playing in – exceptions listed below. 
  • ALL teams will have a duty if they lose in the semis/finals, so please stay in the stadium, and check the duty roster. 

The schedule for the next Spring Fling Tournament is an electronic schedule,. Please share this with your players & You can also subscribe or add your team schedule to your phone calendar. Any changes in game times or duty times will be automatically updated. 

You can apply a filter, based upon Team Name, or Division, to find your match schedule.  **Also, you will need to look at the Referees list, and filter for your team name to find your duty schedule** 



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